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eTA or eVisitor digital visas are only available for Tourism, Business or Transit purposes (any visit up to 90 days).

If your trip includes visiting a family member/friends, taking part in a public event, visiting a client or attending a business meeting/conference and is shorter than 90 days, you may select Tourism or Business respectively as a purpose of travel.

Based on the purpose of travel or the nationality of the passport you have selected above, you’ve selected a traditional visa which requires a standard migration process.

If you are looking to permanently move to Australia for work/study, or to emigrate to Australia for longer than 90 days, continue booking a consultation session using the calendar below.

Your consultation will be conducted with a VisaEnvoy registered agent. VisaEnvoy personnel are registered with The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) of Australia.

Consultation sessions are 45 minutes and cost AU$200. Should you proceed with a full visa application, additional costs may be incurred at a later stage which will be explained in the meeting.